Don’t advertise on facebook if this describes you.

1) You are running your office alone:

I have the opportunity to talk to lots of doctors every week. I have 3 successful offices that I have doctors running. I started helping doctors with exit strategies 3 years ago and discovered more new patients is always at the top of the list of what practices need.  These doctors share their practices with me and I take a look. I find that a significant number are practicing all alone. They have either not grown enough yet to hire help or they have resigned to the idea of working with other people.

You will have to hire someone very soon to get the most out of a Facebook Ad program. Follow up is key to producing lots of people showing up.  An automated system that gives the patients the opportunity to schedulem will lessent the amount of time needed, but someone still needs to call to confirm the appointment. Even this person needs to get a phone call so they are confirmed and they have directions so they can find you.

If you do not want to work with other people, you may want to reconsider this approuch to more new patients. 

2) You are not spending time educating your patients:

Facebook can produce lots of patients, but it’s up to your systems in your office to get them to stick around for care.  I have talked to doctors that are spending 5 minutes explaining the need for care. This is not enough time to get a patient to agree to your recommendations.

You will have lots of people entering your front door and leaving the back. I have developed an approach to this and have the systems for you to help you with retention. 

3) You THINK you don’t have the money.

I hear this one everyday “ I don’t have the money right now” I hope you don’t fall into this category because its a hard trap to get out of.  You have to be doing something to get new patients.

There are free things that you can do. Take a walk through a shopping center and hand out business cards. Next time you go to the grocery store ask the cashier if she has a chiropractor. I know, drop dead right? Doctors that I talk to don’t want to do these type of things. If you do get out there and do it. When you are spending money on advertisements it should be making you money and Facebook Ads have proven to be profitable in many offices all over the place and it can be profitable for you too.

Dr. Rob