I’m sure we all have done it. We see the reimbursement on the PI cases and we say, “I want more of this,” right?

I have known some doctors that do personal injury all day they typically don’t like it.

I was in practice 5 years and I had this great idea to increase the amount of personal injury that I was treating so I bought a few programs to do this. Remember guys you can’t do anything if you don’t take action.

I have shared that with many people. Successful people take action! They don’t sit around thinking about it. 

I got the program and I started following what it told me to do. I delivered about 30 dozen doughnuts to body shops before I said, “this is bull crap,” and now I also don’t fit into my work pants anymore. I was eating lots of doughnuts! ha ha.

The idea was that if someone had an accident they would be sitting in a body shop and there we would put some of our advertisements. The owner hopefully liked doughnuts so your brochure would be visible in his waiting room.

It didn’t work for me, but I tried it. I always would try things out for myself. People report all kinds of things and unless you do it yourself you have no way of knowing if it works or not.

Facebook ads are the same thing. I talk to doctors that are shut down to Facebook ads and yet they have never tried them.

Worse than that is someone that tried ads, but with the wrong company.

– Dr. Rob