“My clients are my Family”, says Dr. Rob Marvenko.

Hi, I’m Dr Rob Marvenko, Chiropractor and business owner from Baltimore MD and the founder of The Lazy Dr.

Consulting and help with your practice is very personal and I understand that your concerns are my number one priority. I established these services that I supply one at time based on the needs that I identified in our profession. When I left my practice I took many things for granted. I was applying tools and workable solutions that I thought were available to everyone. We assist with solutions for getting new patients all the way to how you will exit your practice on top like I was able to do.

After interviewing multiple doctors I identified a need for the services that you will find here.
We have created a variety of different consulting services that teach you how to handle those difficult barriers that inhibit your success.

These services have a proven track record and have been developed over 20 years. I look forward to working with you and helping you achieve your passion and goals that you have been searching for.


Contact me for a FREE 20 minute consultation. Call (727) 268-8720.

Contact us to schedule a FREE 20 minute consultation!
Call (727) 268-8720