I really appreciate all of you that read my blog or take the time out of your day to respond to them. That means a lot to me.

I am really motivated to help as many doctors as I can this year and I am seeing such great results.

If you ever fall off the horse then just get back on, that’s what I say! So many of the doctors I help are doctors that tried and failed.

Don’t give up on your dream practice!

Years ago I was on a first date and the woman I was with wanted to go horseback riding. I honestly had no clue how to ride a horse, I was a complete novice, but I couldn’t say no. I thought it was a great way for us to get to know one another strolling through the field chatting it up.

We were standing in line waiting to get our horses when the waiver came around and I signed all 4 pages.

My date jumped on her horse and off she went. She looked great! Boy was I excited. Now it was my turn.

The 19-year-old woman who worked there said, “have you ever ridden before?” I responded by saying, “no” under my breath.

She looked at me and said to the other woman who worked there, “He is a big guy. Get Lightning!”

Wait, what?… Lightning just sounded pretty intimidating.

Out of the barn in the horizon, I saw this horse that looked like something out of a movie. This horse was something you would ride into battle on! Smoke literally coming out of his nose as they approached me with this beast.

I was stunned, but I knew I had to catch up to my date so I followed her 30-second tutorial and got on this… animal.

Immediately the horse’s head went down and I pulled back on the reins. As I pulled back I was later told that I was telling the horse to back up. How was I supposed to know that?

Well, the horse started backing up and there was no room to go. Lightning got pissed.

We staggered around briefly and before I knew it I was hanging on to this horse’s neck while he went up into a two-legged stance using his front feet like a pro boxer.

The crowd was quiet.

The horse fell to his side, all 1000 pounds. I luckily pushed myself far away to avoid the crash with the earth.

The dust cleared and I was in shock. They returned Lightning to the barn to calm down.

Meanwhile, I’m thinking they should have brought me a stiff drink. Instead I hear, “Bring Sonny up!”

I am standing there covered in dust and someone started pulling this tiny horse out of the barn against his will. Sonny is 100 years old and has a thick grey beard to prove it.

I get on this swayback horse and I get handed a stick and told, “Hit him with this he will go.”

How embarrassing I thought. I bet I can’t even catch up to my date on this horse. I will probably be arrested for animal cruelty if I did.

I got about 20 yards away from the barn when I see everyone that I came with coming back because the hour was up.

So, I just want to remind you, don’t be afraid to try again doc.

If you really want your practice to thrive you have to be willing to make some mistakes and get back in that saddle again.