What does one have to do with the other? Just wait and see.

My niece Abbey is getting married next year. I am looking forward to this because we are very close.

When she was 13-14 years old she would help us watch the kids. In the summer she would move in for a few weeks.

While we were at the office taking care of our community with safe and effective chiropractic care, she was at our house making our kids chocolate chip pancakes. 

Well, one day my kids said, “hey dad can you make us chocolate chip pancakes like Abbey does?”

I said “sure” and started to put them together. When it came to putting the little brown morsels in, I put a cup in and stirred them up. The kids looked at each other and then me with a very concerned look. I said, “what’s wrong, am I doing this right”. They looked and took a few seconds then said, “well Abbey uses the whole bag!”

I looked at them and looked at the pancake batter and then emptied the entire bag of chips into the mix. That’s how I make them now. I use an entire bag of chips. I started to run my practice that way too. I put my entire self into it and run it with my entire heart and soul in it and I don’t hold back any chocolate chips.  

I encourage you to run your practice like that with me.

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– Dr. Rob