Considser consulting services with the Lazy DC

I’m Dr Rob Marvenko, Chiropractor and a business owner from Baltimore MD and the founder of The Lazy Dr. 

I like to establish working relationships and consulting services with your unique situation in mind. My consulting is specialized because I first find out what your goals are for your specific office. I don’t have techniques that I use across the board because every doctor that I have come in contact with over the years has different goals and expectations.

I ran a very successful practice for 20 years. My office continually met and exceeded goals in a time that was difficult to survive. These days insurance companies and patients lack of ability to pay for our services puts us in a place where successful business consulting is absolutely necessary. I have been given a very strategic position.

After leaving my practice I was able to dissect out those working formulas that I can pass on to you with one on one consulting services. My first step with every doctor is to establish there own purpose and targets for their situation. I look forward to seeing if we are a perfect match.

Call me for a free 20 minute consultation.

(727) 268-8720