I loved treating patients. When I did I would always focus my conversation on chiropractic. You never know when you could say something that would cause disagreement with your patients. 

Politics and other volatile subjects can back you into a corner, and there are so many more things to cover with your patients with respect to their health.

There is so much information your patient sees on TV; advertisements and signs that talk about pills and pain. 

When you have the opportunity to educate your patient, take it! They are in your office for such a short amount of time. Take this opportunity to teach them what health is.

I was working with a doctor, helping him increase his numbers. His office was around 80 PV’s a week and he wanted to see 120 – 125. I told him after a consultation Facebook wasn’t for him, but I could help him increase his numbers by applying some simple changes. Education of his patients was one thing we worked on.

In 6 weeks we increased his visits and now he is seeing 140 plus on a regular basis.

– Dr. Rob