Have you heard people tell you this?

“This technology is the latest greatest thing to attract new patients to your clinic.”

Have you fallen for this in the past? I have. I can remember buying “stuff” for my office and having no plan for the marketing of it. Subluxation station, J Tec Medical ROM, decompression, laser just to name a few.

I was recently at a trade show and noticed that not one of these technologies that they were selling came with a marketing plan. If you think that buying technology will increase the number of patients you see then you are in the dark.

These companies sell doctors the dream of making more money by purchasing more technology and it really needs to stop.

I asked the rep from the laser company how he recommends marketing their product to attract new patients? The term “looked like a deer in the headlights” came to my mind.

Truth it, no piece of equipment is worth anything that you end up paying for it unless you have a constant flow of new patients who will come in and use it.

You can have all of the newest equipment on the market, but if you don’t have anyone to use it then it’s useless.

– Dr. Rob