I told you I would share this with you. So, here we go.

Remember it’s football season and we are running our practices like a winning Superbowl team right?

The key to making great chili is how you cook it. It’s not necessarily the ingredients. Follow your ingredients but try putting it together like this.

Take a big pot and put a few table spoons of olive oil in the bottom and heat it. Sauté some garlic and onions. When you do this Sunday morning it really sets the tone for the game that afternoon. Add veggies and cook all of that on a low heat allowing it all to get soft and flavorful.

Man! You getting hungry to expand your office?

This is what I call the chili roux. You can add meat sausage, a little bacon and then add your tomatoes, beans and seasoning. Like I said, the key to a chili that’s full of flavor is starting with that chili roux.

After all of that… just enjoy the game because that’s all there is.

– Dr. Rob