Being a practicing chiropractor is NOT easy.

Staff, electric, marketing, and rent… so many hands out. I remember some times thinking to myself, “when do I get paid?” My staff would get a paycheck before me.

I have been practicing for over 23 years and I didn’t start to really make any money until I figured out how to talk to patients about their condition and how I was going to help them.

Think about it, if you don’t have the information from some reputable source then you make it up.

It wasn’t until I started asking patients what they have heard about chiropractic that I really started to see how most of my patients knew almost nothing about what I do.

They were clueless. They had all kinds of information that was false.

You know what though? They aren’t the only ones with false information. I talk to tons of doctors who have been burnt by advertising on social media through companies and people who didn’t know what they were doing and didn’t understand the chiropractic industry.

Others just heard from other doctors that it doesn’t work and so they never invested in it.

I can relate to both because I have been there myself. Like I stated above, there are all kinds of false information.

It CERTAINLY works for me though, but that’s because what we do at The Lazy Dr is much more than just putting ads up.

I figured out the additional parts that make the whole process work a long time ago. This system is what led me to create wealth and a million-dollar practice!