I have had some really funny things happen to me in practice.

Things have happened that I think have only happened to me, but if you have had a patient bring you a gift that was as strange as underwear please write me back.

My wife and I practiced together and she was always planning things for the patients. One year she planned a birthday party for me and invited some patients.

We all met up the street from the office at a Chinese restaurant. It was my wife and I, a few of our staff, my mother, and 2 patients. It was kind of awkward.

If you can picture this you can see how funny this was. We got finished eating and this patient hands me a gift. She was 25 years older than me.

I open the gift and I am holding a package of fruit of the loom white briefs. I didn’t know what to say. She smiled at me and said do you like them?

I said “Sure. Thank you,” and put them under the table.

Everyone sort of stared and chuckled and the patient that gave me the gift just smiled. It was the most bizarre moment.

Patients are funny sometime, but you have to love them.

– Dr. Rob