I was on a cruise with my family on the Baltic Sea. It was a great vacation! It was 14 days away from home which was the longest vacation I ever took at the time and we had a blast.

My daughter and I did a Zumba class and it was a ton of fun, I loved being able to spend time with her.

We met this guy named Brian and he and I were chatting after the class. My daughter always tells me I talk too much, but I love people.

Brian said, “oh you’re a chiropractor? I see a chiropractor.” I knew if I asked him the last visit he had it would be years ago, but I had to find out.

Have you ever noticed that when people say “I have a chiropractor” they talk about it like it’s that special tool in the tool box that they get out when “it’s needed.”

Well I finally got around to asking Brian when the last time he saw a chiropractor was. He didn’t know. That’s how long ago it was. In other words, he doesn’t “have a chiropractor”.

This is how we lose good patients to other offices. If he met a chiropractor out at an event they would have this guy in their office. He knows the value of chiropractic, he just doesn’t go until he has pain.

– Dr. Rob