Happy Monday everyone! I have a great opportunity for you to see how offices work on the inside!
I was once covering a practice and the staff were very helpful. When I got there they offered me coffee and internet access, the service was excellent. I have been working with people for many years now and I know that if you treat people well they will treat you well in return.
A lot of doctors that I talk to complain about their staff, wishing they were more helpful. You have to take care of your staff and show them that you care.
I am not saying that it’s easy to find good people because it’s certainly not. However, you have to have a system in place to hire good people. It first starts with the advertisement, but the process never actually ends. You have to be constantly training and teaching your staff how you want your office to run.
It’s great to hear patients tell me, “I love your staff, they are so nice!” I know that this is extremely important and I can’t do it by myself so I have to motivate and train staff on a regular basis. It also has to be easy or you will not do it.
In order to help you with this I want to share something with you. I have released a few courses on hiring and training which will assist you greatly in creating easy to follow systems for hiring and training your best possible staff.
Invest in your staff now and you will be very happy you did as your practice will run a lot smoother!
– Dr. Rob