I want to share something with you about some needed toilet maintenance in my house that I was unaware of.

I was leaving, on my way out of the front door, but for some reason, I went back to the bedroom.

I was getting close to the door when I heard splashing under my feet. It was water running out from under my bathroom door!

I was in shock because it made no sense to me at the time.

I heard what sounded like an open hose and as I approached the bathroom the water was getting deeper and deeper.

When I looked at the toilet I saw a hose that was just spraying water full force. I bent down to shut the water off and got a face full of water.

Do you know those little hoses that connect the toilet tank to the water supply? Well, it popped off because it was old and just broke.

Can you imagine if I was gone for 6 hours and that happened? My entire house would have been flooded.

If we know that our patients can benefit from regular chiropractic care (maintenance) then why don’t we tell them?

So many doctors tell me that their patients don’t come in when they are feeling well and I always ask,

“how many times have you asked them to?”

“Are your receptionists calling out to the patients that have not been to your office for 3 months are more?”


Are your patients coming in after their hoses break? Man was that a nasty clean up.

– Dr. Rob