I signed up at a fitness chain called F45 and I usually have a partner when I go, but this last time I was alone. No partner.

I was there for a workout (45 minutes of intense exercise no BS) and I heard someone saying, “I didn’t want to be a pain. She hasn’t come yet and is wasting her money. I texted her one time, but I don’t want to be a pain.”

Why do we assume we are being a pain? Maybe the person needs that consistent follow up to get them there. Perhaps that person would appreciate someone that is persistent to help them get the results that they need?

It’s my opinion that we give up on these people. It’s the same with our office. I started following up with those people and wouldn’t give up on them. I have been told by patients many times, “If she wouldn’t have continued to call me I wouldn’t be here today. I appreciate her commitment to me and my health.”

Don’t leave that person on the side of the road stranded. Circle back around and help them with their health condition.

– Dr. Rob