I don’t get out and fish nearly enough.

Living in Florida, I have the water, the boat, and the weather. I just need to make the time to get out there.

This one time I went many miles out into the gulf and we caught some big fish.

Out of the fish that we took home, some were out of season and some were not good eating. Regardless, there is something about the feeling of getting that action on your hook and then reeling that baby in!

It was really cool because at one time I was watching 3 separate poles at once. I couldn’t help, but be reminded of how that is exactly what I tell my clients…

You have to have lots of poles in the water to be successful.

Facebook ads, recalls and office referrals are a few of the poles I have in the water at my offices.

I was talking to a doctor the other day who was looking for help with expansion. I asked, “what are you doing now to look for new patients?” He had nothing to say.

Well, the silence was a bit uncomfortable, but I eventually said, “I think we should change that today.”

We chiropractors can’t expect to find new patients if we are not even fishing.