Effective Email Results

$398.00 per month

How many potential new patients are you sitting on? When I realized how valuable this list was, I created an effective program that could be used in any office with zero work on your part.




I didn’t realize I was sitting on so many potential new patients.  We accumulate so many email addresses over the years and do not market to these people effectively.

Effective marketing is proportionate to the number of times you touch that person. Emails are an effective way to touch someone multiple times and these touches result in appointments.

Marketing is all about being consistent and many time, practice owners, due to time restraints are not consistent with their marketing.  This program creates consistency with little of your time involved.

These emails are designed to produce interest in what we do in our offices and soft sells the appointment to come in.

This is product includes:

  • A year of emails going out to your email list every other week. These emails are designed to promote interest in your office.
  • Each email has a link to your Facebook Page, an automatic scheduler, and a button to call your office to make it easy for these people to reach you.
  • Every three emails is a call to action to get that person to call your office.  The call to action can mirror specific promotions and specials that you promote currently (designed for your specific location).
  • These emails were written by Dr. Rob himself with his 20+ years experience and extremely successful track record as a practice owner.
  • Compelling photos included in every email
  • Occasionally we use videos that were created with Dr Rob. These videos are embedded in emails to create variety. These videos can be created by you if you choose.

This cost effective marketing is very often overlooked.  We can reach out to thousands of people for a very affordable price. No email list is too large.

*Note there is an additional $20 charge for every 1000 emails.  No list is too large.

Let us create new patients with your email list today!