Facebook Ads Program and Training Course

Take advantage of an advertising platform that reaches a target audience and once created, goes on autopilot for your office and is always working for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!


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Running my practice for 20 years was always a struggle, knowing where new patients would be coming from.  Facebook has created a platform that has changed marketing procedures drastically. A number of marketing programs that I used in my offices are now obsolete because of the ease that Facebook provides to get in front of lots of people that need our services.

Our program includes:

  • Initial training
  • Ad and promo creation
  • Recommendations of workable ads based on extensive experience
  • Continuous ad monitoring and statistic analysis
  • Recording of calls into your office, from trackable numbers, from the ads
  • Weekly training call for you or staff
  • Follow up emails and texts to leads on your list
  • Instant notifications to cell pohone and email in real time for easy follow up
  • Online scheduling for Facebook leads to schedule themselves with your office
  • Scripts for office staff to follow to increase number of leads scheduled
  • Discount upgrade programs for personal injury ads and other services
  • Time tested ads that have proven results to produce qualified leads


Doctors are saying:

“Hey doc, Facebook ads are going great for the office. It’s really helped with bringing new patients into the office. Thanks for your service!”  – Dr. M.

“Well, the system is working really well. I like it!  It is producing for me.” – Dr. S.

“Signed up another $27 lead for a $2000 program!”  – Dr. A.

“The ads are going well, thank you.  I’m converting almost everyone into a new patient. You program works like magic my friend!!” – Dr. M.

“OMG! It has been awesome this week. 19 new patients last week.  Also, can we include Saturday, 10-11:30 for new patients?” – Dr. S.