I am glad I don’t have to do continuing education credits every year. Especially the ones about documentation, liability or state laws. I think these guys just like to scare you to death. 

This seminar this weekend was all about impairment rating and appearing in court to substantiate care. Scare tactics are motivating. Story after story about chiropractors being called to court and having to defend their records.

The speaker even had samples of notes that doctors wrote and some of these examples were so bad I had a hard time believing that they were real.

It was 2 days of information that would scare just about anyone into wanting to improve their records so if they went to court they would be prepared.  

I get it, this is important information that you should pay attention to, but I think a little of this goes a long way for me.

I have always said, “you can’t practice scared!” If you practice scared while always looking over your shoulder then you will slow yourself down.

Get your procedures in and follow them and keep your eyes on what is important.

– Dr. Rob