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Episode 46 – Table For 3 Please…

Hey doc! This is an important one! You have to find the stops in your business and get them handled quickly. I want to tell you quickly about an experience I had at a restaurant and how this exact thing relates to your practice and how your business will grow...

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Episode 45 – Getting Comfortable?

Hey doc! Are you getting comfortable in your practice? Are the low numbers starting to set in as "normal"? Don't give up on the success of your practice! Here are 3 simple things that you can focus on everyday to get your patient visits through the roof!

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Episode 40 – Beat the Pandemic Of Patient Visits

Hey doctors! In this episode I am going to be talking about the pandemic that's happening right under our noses... It is happening in our very own offices and we are going to have to act fast if we want to stop it. Start listening now and I hope you enjoy!

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