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Episode 34 – Get Out Of Your Own Way

In this episode, Dr. Robert Marvenko will teach you exactly what you can do to expand your office. Often what he sees is that doctors are stopping themselves from growing their practice and can change things with just one viewpoint shift... Start listening now to find...

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Episode 30 – Is Your Equipment Making You Money?

Today I talk about those dust collectors in our offices. If you have purchased something and are not getting an ROI on your investment then listen up because you’ll find out what is wrong and be able to turn that around. Dust collectors no...

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Episode 29 – Are you ready to exit your practice?

It doesn’t matter how many years you have left you should start thinking about it now so you can exit on top. I share what I did to exit my practice and it’s information that every doctor should know and be aware of so you can have the retirement that you deserve....

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Episode 28 – Win-win deals are the best deals

I talk about how to expand quickly in your office and always focus on the win-win. No one has to lose in situations when deals go down. Win-win situations are the best ones. Create office expansion with the support of your staff and associates so everyone wins and no...

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