A few milestone birthdays are 16, 21, 30, 50, and well 80 is a big one… and my dad just turned 80.

My parents were such a great support. I wouldn’t have made it through school if I didn’t have such a great support system. I think everyone needs someone in their corner that believes in them and their success.

My career in chiropractic was awesome and I didn’t realize it until I started to talk to 12 -13 doctors every week.

Stats like mine were not normal, but really should be in my opinion. Help and support is a part of any team’s winning formula. I started with helping doctors figure out exit strategies, now I have multiple services for doctors that want to succeed in practice. Lots of help and support.

Our FB program is so conclusive that I now offer a program that helps with all aspects of a successful office. From new patients, to report of findings, to office staff management. I have discovered that more leads is not always the answer. I want to give you an example of what I mean.

I had a client, a few clients actually, that were sending leads to a website to fill out paperwork before they came in for the first visit. Other companies would have never discovered that this is a barrier to leads coming in.

To understand why then try this:

Before you go shopping next time, make it a requirement to do inventory and fill out a questionnaire on why you want more food in the house 🙂

Exactly, it’s a barrier.

People are busy. Everyone feels like they don’t have enough time to get everything done. Don’t give people excuses for not making it to the first appointment.

A potential patient needs directions (great ones) and an appointment. That’s it. Nothing else.

– Dr. Rob