Hey everyone, I want to tell you a quick story about an experience I had when I was entering the field of chiropractic.

I was shadowing a few different chiropractors back when I was graduating. All of them were quite successful.

Even back then I knew if one wanted to be successful themselves then it was important to follow the chiropractors who had already achieved success.

I was visiting an office and the doctor said let me take you to lunch. Naturally I said yes as I wanted to find out what makes this guy tick so that I could have a practice like his one day.

It was 1998 and he was seeing lots of patients. He had a big house and a nice car… he had made it.

We drove up and down the road looking for a place to eat while he began to tear all his chiropractic neighbors down. I couldn’t believe it. He said, “Do you know that guy there? He brings balloons in for his patients and celebrates birthdays in the waiting room”. We passed another office “That gut tells everybody they have to come back and see him forever.” 

Each chiropractor is unique and has their own ideas of how they should run their practice. Why do some doctors have to be so petty? I never discriminate about how someone practices. My way and ideas to run a successful practice are not the only ones out there.

If someone comes to me and wants to grow then it is my job to figure out how they can do that based on what makes them comfortable. If I can’t help someone then I will tell them that.

Facebook advertising is one of my specialties, but it’s not for everyone and I will be the first one to tell a doctor if I think they aren’t a good fit as a client.

I take time to find out what everyone’s expectations are so we can enter into a relationship that works.

In addition to Facebook advertising I offer a very wide array of practice management and training products. If you want Facebook advertising to work then you and your staff need to understand and practice the techniques and concepts that I cover in my training.

– Dr. Rob